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Jul 03, 2019

Feed Delivery Upgrades

By Colby Wagenaar - Feed Intern

Today’s technology continues to evolve faster and faster. The same is true with the technology that is used in the feed delivery process.  Crystal Valley needs to keep up with the technology to continue to serve our customers.

This year we purchased two new 2020 Freightliners.  Not only do these trucks look good going down the road, but they are also more efficient when delivering feed into the bin.  At an astounding rate of 3 tons per minute, the feed can be placed into the bin quicker than it ever has been in the past.

In addition to efficiency, biosecurity has never been more relevant in the way we produce livestock and Crystal Valley continues to strive to be at the top of the industry in preventing diseases. These trucks will help us to do just that. If the bin lid is already opened for the truck driver, these augers have the capabilities of being controlled from within the cab. 

Drivers can now deliver the feed without taking a single step out of the cab. The new augers have cameras on the end of them which allows the driver to see into the bin when unloading, meaning smaller chances for spills, overflows or just overall wasted feed. In the past, the driver would have to physically open the different compartments by hand but now they are controlled by air gates, which is again a great way to help with Biosecurity processes.

Crystal Valley will continue to make improvements in the future to help serve our customers. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support!

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