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Precision Ag

Our Precision Ag staff is ready to assist you with all aspects of technology in your operation. Whether you are just getting started with mapping or looking to utilize years of collected data to make management decisions, we have the capability to support you along the way. Our team of Precision Ag Specialists works directly with you and your agronomist to build a comprehensive solution tailored for your operation. We also offer a wide range of aftermarket Precision Ag products from Precision Planting® and 360 Yield Center® to bring your equipment to the next level of performance accuracy.

Soil is the basis of crop production, and here at Crystal Valley, we have built several Precision Ag programs to help you accurately manage your soils with ease. Soil sampling and VRT application technology let you control both variability and input costs. Add in our high-definition Crystal Vue™ soil mapping program to give you the most accurate picture of your fields’ soil properties.

Our goal is to help you become more profitable, no matter what your experience level with Precision Ag technologies. By combining our staff’s expertise in hardware, software, and agronomy you will be able to make more informed management decisions to drive your operation forward.

To get more information, contact one of our Precision Ag Team members today!

Jason Leary 507-642-3276


Ben Youngerberg

507-833-2939 EMAIL

Alee Larson

507-621-3448 EMAIL
Lucas Kietzer 507-833-2939 EMAIL
Courtney Eibs 507-232-3453 EMAIL