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Director's Report

Changes in the Cooperative Landscape

Summer is here!  The last days of May and early June promoted rapid crop growth.  I know there have been som... Dan Jones - Board Chairman

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General Manager's Report

Wow – the summer is half gone already and there’s less than two months until Crystal Valley’s fiscal year end on August 31.  From my travels throughout south... Roger Kienholz - General Manager

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Fungicide is a Proven Process

Corn and soybean fungicide applications are right around the corner.  We have been using fungicides for many years, and with complete research, whether it is... Matt Schoper - Agronomy Sales Manager

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Summer Outlook 2017

Late April weather allowed for a small window of suitable soil conditions for spring planting. After a few days of rain in early May, planting started again.... Dale Botten - Agronomy Division Manager

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Energy Sales Update

Staff – I am pleased to announce in this release of the newsletter, the addition of Sarah Libra to our sales team.  Sarah joins us in our Ja... Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager

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Propane Updates and Rebates

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. At the end of May, you should have received our yearly summer-fill letter and Duty to Warn information in the... Jim Jung - Propane Operations Manager

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Feed Division Introductions

The Feed Division would like to welcome Brad More to our team. Brad will be the new Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Feed Division. He grew up and gradu... Bob Raue - Feed Division Manager

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Grain Update

How fast our weather can change? We went from a cold wet spring to warm dry summer conditions in a hurry. It has definitely had an effect on both the corn fu... Jeff Spence - Grain Division Manager

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