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Current employees

Jay Adkins Pp
Jay Adkins Refined Fuels Delivery Jackson
Tim Arndt Pp
Tim Arndt Custom Applicator Janesville
Matthew Ask Pp
Matthew Ask Grain Operations Trimont
Rae Barbknecht Pp
Rae Barbknecht Feed/Grain Operations Janesville
Aaron Barnard Pp
Aaron Barnard Millwright Vernon Center
Dean Barrot Pp
Dean Barott Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Tom Basmoen Pp 1
Tom Basmoen Custom Applicator Madelia
Chris Baumgard Pp
Chris Baumgard Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Doyle Becker Pp
Doyle Becker Grain Trucking Jackson
Nick Beckius Pp
Nick Beckius Shop Operations Madelia
Harlan Bergelen Pp
Harlan Bergeleen Systems Analyst Lake Crystal
Sam Bethke Pp
Sam Bethke Feed Delivery Janesville
Tom Bishop Pp
Tom Bishop Refined Fuels Delivery Lake Crystal
Bob Bloomgren Pp
Bob Bloomgren Grain Marketer Trimont
Terry Bloomquist Pp
Terry Bloomquist Feed Delivery La Salle
Nate Boomgarden Pp
Nate Boomgarden Grain Superintendent Madelia
Dave Borchardt Pp
Dave Borchardt Propane Service Technician Lake Crystal
Gary Bose Pp 1
Gary Bose Propane Delivery Lake Crystal
Ryan Brandts Pp
Ryan Brandts Grain Marketing Manager Madelia | La Salle
Dennis Bratrud Pp
Denny Bratrud Special Projects Jackson
Travis Brekken Pp
Travis Brekken Operations Assistant Madelia
Amanda Britton Pp
Amanda Britton Administrative Assistant Janesville
Rosemary Burgess Pp
Rose Burgess Administrative Assistant Lake Crystal
William Burgy Pp
Billy Burgy Feed Delivery Jackson
Joel Burmeister Pp
Joel Burmeister Location Operations Lakefield
William Burton Pp
William Burton Grain Operations Lakefield
Brendon Caraway Pp
Brendon Caraway Grain Operations Lake Crystal
Shawn Claussen Pp
Shawn Clausen Propane Delivery Darfur
Erin Connell Pp
Erin Connell Office Coordinator Lake Crystal
Matt Conway Pp
Matt Conway Custom Applicator Janesville
Bill Coonradt Pp
Bill Coonradt Feed Location Manager Vernon Center
Josh Coy Pp
Josh Coy Custom Applicator Janesville
Tom Cregeen Pp
Tom Cregeen Grain Trucking Jackson
Adam Crissinger Pp
Adam Crissinger Mill Operations Jackson
William Crissinger Pp
William Crissinger Feed Delivery Jackson
Thomas Cunningham Pp
Thomas Cunningham Location Manager Jackson
Jim Cutler Pp
Jim Cutler Propane Service Technician Lake Crystal
Arvin Dahl Pp
Arvin Dahl Mill Operations La Salle
David Dahl Pp
Dave Dahl Feed Delivery La Salle
Tim Danberry Pp
Tim Danberry Agronomy Sales Janesville
Brian Davis Pp
Brian Davis Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Jeff Dean Pp
Jeff Dean Agronomy Sales Round Lake
Tyler Depoppe Pp
Tyler DePoppe Energy Sales Nicollet
Alex Diehl Pp
Alex Diel Mill Operations Janesville
Sami Dougherty Pp
Sammi Dougherty Administrative Assistant Lakefield
Jeremy Ebeling Pp
Jeremy Ebeling Feed Sales Jackson
Kyle Edlin Pp
Kyle Edlin Agronomy Sales Jackson
Adam Edwards Pp
Adam Edwards Custom Applicator Madelia
Ryan Eggestein Pp
Ryan Eggestein Grain Operations Round Lake
Luke Eichberger Pp
Luke Eichberger Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Img 7929
Darren Eicholz Custom Applicator Jackson
Tony Elg Pp 1
Tony Elg Custom Applicator Madelia
Cory Engen Pp
Cory Engen Precision Ag Specialist Madelia
Don Epper Pp
Don Epper Propane Delivery Nicollet
Dave Fast Pp
Dave Fast Mill Operations La Salle
Mike Fitzsimmons Pp
Mike FitzSimmons Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Trent Flom Pp
Trent Flom Custom Applicator Janesville
Arthur Forst Pp
Arthur Forst Agronomy Sales Waldorf
Dave Frantum Pp
Dave Frantum Custom Applicator Janesville
Lee Freeman Pp
Lee Freeman Propane Delivery Jackson
Jim Friedrichs Pp 2
Jim Friedrichs Custom Applicator Madelia
Leroy Gappa Pp
LeRoy Gappa Plant Operations Lake Crystal
Mitchell Gilman Pp
Mitchell Gilman Senior Software Engineer Lake Crystal
John Graham Pp
John Graham Agronomy Sales Vernon Center
Serena Groskreutz Pp
Serena Groskreutz Administrative Assistant Hope
Cindy Haler Pp
Cindy Haler Accounts Payable Lake Crystal
Kevin Hansen Pp
Kevin Hansen Shop Foreman Jackson
Sean Hansen Pp
Sean Hansen Feed Delivery Janesville
Img 7392
Tom Hansen Payroll Lake Crystal
Jeff Harriman Pp
Jeff Harriman Lead Grain Operations Hope
Jim Harriman Pp
Jim Harriman Feed/Grain Location Manager La Salle | Janesville
Jacob Holz Pp
Jacob Holz Grain Operations Hope
Alex Hotovec Pp
Alex Hotovec Grain Location Manager Lakefield
Dsc 00192
Josh Howard Refined Fuels Delivery Jackson
Randy Hulke Pp
Randy Hulke Custom Applicator Madelia
Andrew Hunt Pp
Andrew Hunt Feed Delivery Jackson
Josh Iverson Pp
Josh Iverson Custom Applicator Madelia
Tony Jacobs Pp 1
Tony Jacobs Agronomy Sales Lake Crystal
Kevin Jeurissen Pp
Kevin Jeurissen Precision Ag Specialist Madelia
Ben Johnson Pp
Ben Johnson Mill Operations Vernon Center
Craig Johnson Pp
Craig Johnson Grain Operations Hope
Scott Johnson Pp
Scott Johnson Agronomy Sales Trimont
Sheri Johnson Pp 1
Sheri Johnson Accounts Payable Lake Crystal
Img 7380
Jim Jung Propane Operations Manager Lake Crystal
Lee Kachelmeir Pp
Lee Kachelmeier Custom Applicator Janesville
Jerrick Kalis Pp
Jerrick Kalis Custom Applicator Janesville
Terry Kalis Pp
Terry Kalis Agronomy Sales Janesville
Russell Keniston Pp
Russell Keniston Software Developer Lake Crystal
Lucas Kietzer Pp
Lucas Kietzer Custom Applicator Madelia
Kevin Knaack Pp
Kevin Knaack Mill Operations Jackson
Jason Knutson Pp
Jason Knutson Grain Operations Jackson
Eldon Kolander Pp
Eldon Kolander Propane Delivery Lakefield
Shane Kolander Pp
Shane Kolander Grain Operations Jackson
Jim Konda Pp
Jim Konda Grain Trucking Jackson
Cole Kottke Pp
Cole Kottke Plant Operations Madelia
Tony Krogman Pp
Tony Krogman Agronomy Sales Nicollet
Brian Krumwiede Pp
Brian Krumwiede Grain Location Manager Trimont
Tyler Kueker Pp
Tyler Kueker Grain Operations Madelia
Img 7395
Sarah Kunz Administrative Assistant Trimont
Kyle Kurth Pp
Kyle Kurth System Administrator Lake Crystal
Jolene Kuster Pp
Jolene Kuster Administrative Assistant Janesville
Crystal Valley Lachmiller
Aaron Lachmiller Custom Applicator Madelia
Bill Landin Pp
Bill Landin Energy Operations Nicollet
Amber Lang Pp
Amber Lang Administrative Assistant La Salle
Img 7389
Paul Lange Compliance and Safety Lake Crystal
Chad Larson Pp
Chad Larson Energy Sales Manager Madelia
Greg Lassas Pp
Greg Lassas Plant Operations Madelia
Jason Leary Pp
Jason Leary Precision Ag Specialist Madelia
Img 7926
Kyle Leary Grain Marketer Hope
Ed Lehman Pp
Ed Lehman Agronomy Sales Jackson
Dan Leiding Pp
Dan Leiding Propane Delivery Lake Crystal
Ann Lesch Pp
Ann Lesch Controller Jackson
Tim Lewis Pp
Tim Lewis Grain Superintendent Hope
Sarah Libra Pp
Sarah Libra Energy Sales Jackson
Dave Limoges 1
Dave Limoges Feed Sales Manager Vernon Center
Shane Lines Pp
Shane Lines Propane Delivery Jackson
Julie Lorentz Pp
Julie Lorentz Administrative Assistant Madelia
Jesse Malchow Pp
Jesse Malchow Custom Applicator Jackson
Dsc 00093
David Matz Location Operations Waldorf
Mindy Mcdonough Pp
Mindy McDonough Administrative Assistant Waldorf
Jason Melzer Pp
Jason Melzer IT Support Specialist Lake Crystal
Brent Meshke Pp
Brent Meshke Agronomy Sales Vernon Center
Blaine Meyer Pp
Blaine Meyer Custom Applicator Madelia
Joe Michaelis Pp
Joe Michaelis Mill Operations Vernon Center
Steve Michels Pp
Steve Michels Agronomy Sales La Salle
Denise Micklos Pp
Denise Micklos Office Coordinator Jackson
Doris Miller Pp
Doris Miller Accounts Payable Lake Crystal
Paul Miller Pp
Paul Miller Propane Service Technician Waldorf
Matt Missling Pp
Matt Missling Custom Applicator Madelia
Kevin Monohan Pp
Kevin Monahan Propane Delivery Janesville
Img 7382
Nathan Monroe Refined Fuels/Lubes Operations Manager Lake Crystal
Img 7376
Brad More Quality Assurance Coordinator Vernon Center
Dsc 00132
Mark More Custom Applicator Jackson
Monte More Pp
Monte More Custom Applicator Jackson
Dean Morrison Pp
Dean Morrison Grain Trucking Madelia
Kevin Moulder Pp
Kevin Moulder Custom Applicator Madelia
Kody Moulder Pp
Kody Moulder Custom Applicator Madelia
Eric Nelson Pp
Eric Nelson Agronomy Sales La Salle
Joyce Nelson Pp
Joyce Nelson Lead Administrative Assistant, Grain Madelia
Jesse Nikoley Pp
Jesse Nikoley Refined Fuels Delivery Janesville
Justin Nilson Pp
Justin Nilson Grain Location Manager Vernon Center
Mark Norell Pp
Mark Norell Feed Delivery La Salle
Creig Noren Pp
Creig Noren Propane Delivery Lake Crystal
Logan Orourke Pp
Logan O'Rourke Agronomy Sales Waldorf
Riley Oeltjenoruns
Riley Oeltjenoruns Mill Operations Jackson
Kenrick Olson Pp
Rick Olson Grain Location Manager Jackson
Ryan Osborne Pp
Ryan Osborn Mill Operations Vernon Center
Sam Paap Pp
Sam Paap Administrative Assistant Vernon Center
Bryan Paulson Pp
Bryan Paulson Feed Sales La Salle
Glen Pell Pp
Glen Pell Custom Applicator Jackson
Jeff Pell Pp
Jeff Pell Grain Operations Jackson
Marlene Peters Pp 1
Marlene Peters Grain Trucking Madelia
Tammy Petterson Pp
Tammy Petterson Administrative Assistant Lake Crystal
Dale Pfundt Pp
Dale Pfundt Feed Delivery Jackson
Mike Pioske Pp
Mike Pioske Custom Applicator Janesville
Jeff Pluym Pp
Jeff Pluym Feed Delivery Janesville
Chris Priem Pp
Chris Priem Feed Delivery Janesville
James Prince Pp 1
James Prince Agronomy Sales Waldorf
Corey Raygor Pp
Corey Raygor Grain Operations Vernon Center
Brian Reid Pp
Brian Reid Custom Applicator Madelia
Mitch Rettke Pp
Mitch Rettke Custom Applicator Madelia
Chad Riley Pp
Chad Riley Lead Grain Trucking Madelia
Kevin Roeker Pp
Kevin Roeker Feed Sales Janesville
Jill Roeloffs Pp
Jill Roelofs Accounts Payable Lake Crystal
Nathan Rolling Pp
Nathan Rolling Agronomy Sales Madelia
Bailey Rustman Pp
Bailey Rustman Administrative Assistant Lake Crystal
Img 7931
Nik Samuelson Shop Coordinator Madelia
Mike Sands Pp
Mike Sands Custom Applicator Jackson
Jackie Sazama Pp
Jackie Sazama Administrative Assistant Round Lake
Tony Sazama Pp
Tony Sazama Millwright Assistant Round Lake
Mike Scheibel Pp
Mike Scheibel Operations Manager Madelia
Justin Schlaffman Pp
Justin Schlaffman Custom Applicator Madelia
Ryan Schley Pp
Ryan Schley Plant Operations Jackson
Duane Schlieman Pp
Duane Schlieman Agronomy Sales Nicollet
Matt Schoper Pp
Matt Schoper Agronomy Sales and Marketing Manager Lake Crystal
Mike Schwanke Pp
Mike Schwanke Bulk Oil/Lubes Delivery Driver Madelia
Mike Scott Pp
Mike Scott Energy Sales Janesville
Shane Shumski Pp
Shane Shumski Custom Applicator Janesville
Brittany Sieg Pp
Brittany Sieg Administrative Assistant Vernon Center
Mike Silverthorn Pp
Mike Silverthorn Custom Applicator Madelia
Todd Sittig Pp
Todd Sittig Mill Operations La Salle
Ann Smith Pp
Ann Smith Human Resources Generalist Lake Crystal
Scott Snow Pp
Scott Snow Grain Trucking Madelia
Gary Spence Pp
Gary Spence Agronomy Sales Lake Crystal
Jeff Stauffer
Jeff Stauffer Agronomy Sales Nicollet
Tim Steinborn Pp
Tim Steinborn Mill Operations Janesville
Ann Stephenson Pp
Ann Stephenson Administrative Assistant Jackson
Gary Stewart Pp
Gary Stewart Grain Trucking Jackson
Nick Stiernage Dir
Nick Stiernagle Custom Applicator Janesville
Al Stokes Pp
Al Stokes Grain Location Manager La Salle
Doug Strandberg Pp
Doug Strandberg Grain Location Manager Round Lake
Tyler Thoeny
Tyler Thoeny Propane Service Technician Jackson
John Thomas Pp
John Thomas Location Operations Vernon Center
Chris Thompson Pp
Chris Thompson Custom Applicator Jackson
Dan Thorn Pp
Dan Thorn Grain Trucking Madelia
Chris Thurk Pp
Chris Thurk Agronomy Sales Lakefield
Stan Timmerman Pp
Stan Timmerman Propane Delivery Waldorf
Drew Tolzmann Pp
Drew Tolzmann Shop Foreman Janesville
Matt Trcka Pp
Matt Trcka Custom Applicator Janesville
Megan Tusa Pp
Megan Tusa Grain Marketer Jackson
Leroy Urban Pp
LeRoy Urban Refined Fuels Delivery Madelia
Julie Van Wyhe Pp
Julie Van Wyhe IT Support Specialist Jackson
Lucas Van Wyhe Pp
Lucas Van Wyhe Propane Delivery Jackson
Julie Voight Pp
Julie Voight Lead Administrative Assistant, Feed Lake Crystal
Nate Voss Pp
Nathan Voss Plant Operations Jackson
Trent Wadd Pp
Trent Wadd Operations Manager Janesville
Kim Walters Pp
Kim Walters Executive Assistant Lake Crystal
Darrick Wegner Pp
Darrick Wegner Agronomy Sales Darfur
Dusty Weiss Pp
Dusty Weiss Lead Grain Trucking Jackson
Bryce Wendling Pp
Bryce Wendling Location Operations Round Lake
Chris Whitehead Pp
Chris Whitehead Grain Operations La Salle
Joe Williams Pp
Joe Williams Grain Operations Manager Lake Crystal
Gina Windschitil Pp
Gina Windschitl Administrative Assistant La Salle
Gayle Wolfe Pp
Gayle Wolf Lead Administrative Assistant, Agronomy Darfur
Steven Wolf Pp
Steven Wolf Operations Manager Jackson
Katie Wolle Pp
Katie Wolle Administrative Assistant Nicollet
Ben Youngerberg Pp
Ben Youngerberg Precision Ag Specialist Elysian
Tim Zander Pp
Tim Zander Agronomy Sales Madelia