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Nov 27, 2019

Cenex Warranty

Last week, we had the pleasure of presenting our customers, Perry Hulke and Monty Hulke, with a check for over $16,000 Cenex Warranty claim on their John Deere 8360 RT for transmission repair.

Perry and Monty said they are very happy they had a warranty in place to help offset some of the repair cost helping them save some money. They both agreed they like getting the oil samples back from Cenex showing them how their tractor oil is doing, helping to detect issues before more damage is done. Also, the warranty is transferable to other people when he wants to sell or trade the equipment.

The Cenex TTP Warranty is by far the best insurance you can buy for today’s expensive repairs.  With the equipment of today being complex, and with high shop rates, you can quickly see how valuable it can be.

The warranty covers a wide variety of equipment and will extend the original manufacturer’s warranty. Another important benefit is the ability to help limit the operator's burden of proof.  

If you’re interested in learning more or want to enroll a piece of equipment, let someone from sales know and we would be more than happy to get you signed up. 

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