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Feb 04, 2019

Energy Sales Update

By Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager

Being the first of February now I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight all that we have going for new employees, seminars, and programs.

I am very excited to be on board two new energy salespersons to our team!  First, Jay Adkins, some of you may know he was our refined fuel truck driver down in Jackson, has come aboard as the salesperson to replace Sarah Libra in Jackson.  He will work in conjunction with Chris Thurk out of Lakefield. Both individuals are very dedicated and will serve that area of our cooperative well.  Jay, although his primary role was to deliver fuel, has been a large sales presence in this route.  Jay will be a nice addition to take care of his existing customers as well as bring on new customers.

Additionally, over in the Hope MN location, I am pleased to announce the addition of Craig Huisman.  We had a sales presence in Hope, with Patrick Tajaran, but through some office changes, Patrick took a management role leaving the Hope sales position once again open.  Craig, with his mechanical and sales experience I feel he will hit the ground running and be a great resource over in our eastern part of the territory.

Lastly, I want just to remind you all, if you are interested in running B5 all year around, we need to lock that fuel in by ideally March 15th to allow time to process everything.  We support soy in diesel fuel being a farmer cooperative, but as we say, we must be diligent on cold weather operability.  If you want to manage your fuel for those times, to take gelling issues out of the equation, then you need to look at leveraging this clause in the mandate.

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