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Mar 26, 2019

Energy Spring Plans

By Chad Larsen - Energy Sales Manager

As we all look forward to the spring weather after this winter, I would like to take the time to discuss spring related topics relevant to fuels, propane, and lubricants.

First, if you haven’t talked about spring, and possibly fall diesel fuel needs, now is the time to get with your salesperson and look at cash and contract values. As we draw closer to “show time” in agriculture, construction values have proven to increase as the demanding timeframe gets closer. Couple that with refinery turnarounds, in short, I encourage you to look at what you may need and pricing.

Second, oil, if you need engine oil or hydraulic/transmission oils, or DEF, please get with your salesperson and get the order in.  With road restrictions and with oil changes happening, sooner is better than later so we can plan deliveries to get you what you need for spring startup. 

Additionally, if you have thought about getting away from packaged oils like 2.5’s and drums, it’s a great time to look at an oil tote setup.  An oil tote setup allows you to see what you have on hand, it’s cleaner, no manhandling of drums or bulky jugs and most important bulk oil is cheaper than packaged.

Lastly, propane. We made it through a rough winter with no supply concerns or issues other than roads and deep snow to drag the hose through. As we approach spring, we will be looking at values and get plans together for a summer fill campaign. Historically, the spring timeframe is a good time to look at contract values for the coming fall and winter. Once we have set prices for summer-fill and contracting for fall and winter 2019/2020, our salesperson will be getting in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Fuel tank maintenance: plan to change your bulk storage tank filter ahead of spring. This is a good practice to save slow refilling or plugging when you’re trying to roll when it’s time to plant. We have fuel filters on hand if needed, tell your salesperson when you order fuel to have the driver bring the filter you need.  If your full, your salesperson can help get you what you need.

I would like to thank our propane drivers, refined fuel drivers, and our propane and fuel technicians for their hard work and efforts with this relentless and harsh winter. Between the rough driving conditions and trudging through waist deep snow to fill tanks, it takes a lot of fortitude to do that day in and day out day after day.  Thank-you to all of you for your dedicated efforts.

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