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May 04, 2020

Free Wi-Fi Access to Help Bridge Gap During COVID-19

This month, we are proud to announce a new effort to tackle the lack of rural broadband access, an issue dramatically heightened by the coronavirus pandemic and for many, the unparalleled and sudden shift to conducting virtually all daily tasks online. Select Land O’Lakes facilities and select Crystal Valley locations are offering FREE and open Wi-Fi access to local citizens for the next few weeks.

While this is a short-term solution for a much bigger problem that people in our rural communities face even when we are not facing a viral pandemic, we want to help provide some relief and assistance to neighbors in the communities where Crystal Valley operates. 

Starting on May 4, 2020, free Wi-Fi access will be available at the following locations:  

  • Darfur
  • Trimont
  • Waldorf

Members of the communities served can access the Wi-Fi from their cars between the hours of 6 am – 9 pm. We have designated a portion of our parking lots for Wi-Fi users, which will allow us to provide services to customers, who are also following social distancing guidelines, without interruption and from a safe location. To maintain social distancing, guests are asked to stay in their own vehicles in the designated area while using this service.

Should individuals at other Crystal Valley locations have a need for internet access, please contact Ashley Leivermann, or Mandy Hunecke, in Human Resources at 507-726-6455.

We encourage you, your families, and friends to take advantage of this critical service if needed. We hope that this short-term solution offers a small piece of relief as you adapt to communicating with friends and relatives online, access critical telemedicine services, keep up with schoolwork, and take part in other activities that have become fully-virtual during this time. Leaning into the collective power of this co-op and our broader cooperative network, we are confident that we are stronger together, and that our cooperative system is a powerful catalyst for our local communities, our neighbors and friends, many of whom are critical to feeding our nation.

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