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Jan 28, 2019

Janesville Propane Railcar Offload Facility

By Chad Larson - Energy Sales Managner

The cold weather has finally caught up with us here in MN and northern Iowa which leads me to the topic of this article – Propane.  Crystal Valley has always been and always will be a leader in our propane territory whether it be most importantly our drivers and staff, to a top of the line safe and reliable fleet of trucks, to our extensive aggregate storage of  1,175,550 gallons.  To add to this portfolio of assets,  I am happy and excited to announce our Railcar Offload Facility currently under construction at the Janesville location.

We are excited, because this project once completed mid-February, will allow us to procure Canadian propane at a very competitive price range that we can pass on to our customers. Additionally, with Janesville being on a Canadian Pacific direct rail line, this will only enhance our ability to get in a unit train of propane railcars and spot up to 25 at a time.  I can tell you the sheer storage at Janesville alone, plus access to the rail cars once spotted, will put us in a very comfortable position in an allocation scenario. We will have (3) three 45,000 gallon tanks that are a new addition and then the existing (3) three 30,000 gallon tanks of a combined 195,000 gallon just at that location alone.

We will be able to load (2) two transports in about 25 minutes at 9,500 gallons per transport. Additionally, we will be able to load one of our 6,000-gallon bobtails in 10-15 minutes.  Making this facility very efficient in the heat of the battle in corn dryer season and also in a high demand winter.

We will be talking about this in greater detail at our Winter Conference on February 13th in our Energy Breakout Session at the Mankato Civic Center. Please try to attend if you can as we will be discussing our plans for the future along with other topics that day.  Hope to see you there!

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