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May 16, 2019

Janesville Terminal Progress Report

By Tyler Thoeny - Energy Facilities & Service Manager

On April 25th, our Energy Team attended training on offloading Rail Cars at our New Janesville  Rail Terminal. The morning consisted of classroom training and discussion of the process of offloading Propane Rail Cars, followed by an Exam, which is the first process in getting certified to offload rail cars.

Liquid Flowing Rail Car Training 4 25 2019

This is a picture of liquid flowing out of the rail car into the underground piping that goes to the bulk storage tanks.

In the afternoon, we went over to Janesville and toured the rail facility. While on site we went through the steps of offloading a rail car. First, we set up the caution signs and the train derailments on the track; this is an important process to protect ourselves while on top of the rail car. We walked through all of the valving and discussed what each valve on the Rail Car does along with all of the valving on the facility. After we discussed what everything was and how the process works.

We then hooked up our first rail car and started offloading the FIRST product into the terminal. We offloaded for about 30 minutes, moving about 10,000 gallons of Liquid Propane into the Storage Facility. At that time we had 9 Rail Cars onsite in Janesville to be offloaded

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