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Apr 03, 2019

Minnesota B20 Mandate Began April 1

By Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager

It's amazing how fast the huge piles of snow went away, and the fields dried up a lot faster than most thought they would!  A month ago we all thought it would take until June to melt all the snow and ice.

That being said, we are now into the beginning of April and spring planting is getting closer by the day which leads me to an important reminder, the Minnesota B20 mandate kicks in starting April 1st.

By law or mandate, all petroleum diesel fuel marketed in Minnesota for on and off-road use is required to have 20% of each gallon sold be soy methyl ester or “soy.”  The mandate is in effect is April 1st through September 30th. The mandate reduces back to B5 or 5% soy in diesel fuel on October 1st to allow better operability in colder temps.

We had a brutal winter, a lot of snow, ice, and condensation occurred in and around your fuel tank. I mentioned this last article too, but it's worth repeating. I encourage proactive tank maintenance to prevent downtime in the spring.

First, look at your bulk storage tank filter. One thing that will slow the flow is a filter on your pump that’s plugging or about to plug. We have filters on hand at most locations or let your salesperson know, and we will get one delivered.

I also endorse a maintenance rate of a biocide to keep microbial growth at bay.  As mentioned above, increase rates of soy methyl ester gives microbes a free meal to feed and grow on. Once microbial issues start, it can be a major headache to fix if you are filliing other tanks out of that storage as it can spread to slip/pup tanks in the back of your truck, or portable tank trailers. 

Lastly, if you need any lubricants to get ready for spring, please contact your salesperson to get you on the list. We have all grades of engine oils along with hydraulic and transmission oils, gear lubes, greases, and lastly DEF fluid.  We have our delivery truck dedicated to your needs, and this custom service helps us get you what you need when you need it.

Thank you for your business and have a safe and productive spring!

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