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Mar 12, 2019

Propane Safety Tips

By Tyler Thoeny - Energy Facilities and Service Manager

Keep Regulators Free of Snow:

Make sure to keep Regulators on your house and tank free of snow and ice. If the vent on the Regulator gets blocked by snow or ice, the regulator can stop working properly causing your furnace to quit running. The venting of regulators is a key function in the operation of the regulator.  Please make sure to dig out your regulators around your house.


Keep Your Tank Free of Snow:

Propane tanks need ambient air temperature around them to allow propane liquid to vaporize. If your tank is buried in a snow drift, we advise you to clear the snow off of the top of the tank and around the tank. The snow will act as an insulator, which will stop the tank from producing propane vapor. Propane stops vaporizing at -44 degrees Fahrenheit. By not moving the snow away from the tank, it can cause your tank to stop vaporizing resulting in an unsafe out of gas situation.

By taking action on the above tips, it will prevent your furnace from not working. You can still endure furnace related issues, but this will eliminate most fuel issues going to the appliances. In the case of blizzard-like conditions, we may not be able to get to your location to deliver product or to service your system.


Message from Our LP Drivers:

Our propane drivers would also greatly appreciate if you could provide them with a path to the propane tank on your property. This not only makes our driver's job’s easier,  it will also make it easier for you to be able to go out and check the percentage of your tank. In most cases our drivers are walking through thigh deep snow to access your propane tank, this makes for a very long day for them and they could service more customer’s in a day if there was a path to every tank. If your tank is buried in a snow drift, our drivers may decide not to deliver to your location until you, our customer, have found the tank and provided easy access to the tank. It is your responsibility as a customer to make sure we can access your tank.

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