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Nov 08, 2019

Propane Shortage

Currently, there is a common misconception that the United States is in a propane shortage. The reality is the propane supply in our country is at near-record inventory levels.

The issue stems from a lack of transportation options and long wait times at terminals, making the propane pick-up very slow. Transport drivers are spending 12+ hours waiting in line, not able to get the product where it needs to be, quickly and safely.  

On top of this, the less than ideal growing season this year has created a higher demand for propane to dry corn. Minnesota is also experiencing much colder temperatures than normal.

During an average November, Minnesota Propane Marketers use 190 transport loads per day.

This year, due to weather and harvest needs, there will be 300+ transport loads per day for the state. There are long lines and significant delays at the terminals, but we are committed to providing propane to our customers.

All factors have created a perfect storm where needs are high, transportation from terminals is slow, and the ability to keep supplies full, where it’s needed most, is very difficult.

Talk with your salesman today about right-sizing your storage tanks for next year.

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