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Jun 03, 2020

Vernon Center Feed Mill Upgrade

By Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager

Crystal Valley is excited to announce a project to upgrade and increase milling capacity at our Vernon Center feed mill.

The project will increase milling capacity by approximately 75,000 complete feed tons per year. It is expected to begin in June and be completed in November.

The design consists of adding ingredient bins, a triple stack roller mill, a second set of loadout bins, upgrades to the existing receiving bay, and an additional scale.

The Vernon Center mill was completed in the spring of 2006. There have been many upgrades throughout the last fourteen years to increase the milling capacity. This project will increase its capacity from approximately 145,000 tons to over 220,000 complete feed tons per year.

Because of the outstanding support from our customers, we continue to see steady growth within our feed division, year after year. We are committed to serving our customers with quality products and great service. 

Vernon Center Feed Mill

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