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Board of Directors Nominations

Applications for the Board of Directors must be submitted to a member of the nominating committee or received at the Crystal Valley main office by 5 pm on Monday, December 2. Dan Jones - Board Chairman
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Propane Shortage

Currently, there is a common misconception that the United States is in a propane shortage. The reality is the propane supply in our country is at near-record inventory levels.
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Energy News - October 2019

As we face what is looking like a year we may see record drying, I believe our investment into the propane railcar offloader and additional storage in Janesville will prove to be a big benefit for our customers. Chad Larson - Propane Manager
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Planter Rebuild Project

Crystal Valley purchased this 2013 John Deere 1770NT in March 2019. Our intent with this project was to completely rebuild the planter with new wear parts, and all brand new precision planting technology. Our goal: to have a field ready, high-speed planter available for use. Jason Leary - Ag Technology Manager
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Grain Policies 2019

Crystal Valley’s Grain Division has made a few changes to our policies to better serve our customers and to open more opportunities. Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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USDA Report Update – August 2019

With the highly anticipated USDA report coming out last Monday, I think it is safe to say that it shocked most people with the outcome. Corn prices plummeted after the USDA report forecasted higher corn plantings and planted acres. Chris Whitehead - Grain Marketer
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