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Feed Delivery Upgrades

Today’s technology continues to evolve faster and faster. The same is true with the technology that is used in the feed delivery process.  Crystal Valley needs to keep up with the technology to continue to serve our customers. Colby Wagenaar - Feed Intern
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Propane Planning For Fall

2019 won’t be a year we will ever forget.  As most of you have wrapped planting, and are into spraying, we now turn our focus to how much propane will we need this fall. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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2019 Summer Interns

This summer at Crystal Valley interns are busy working on their summer projects as well as their daily duties in their departments. We are wrapping up with planting season and many are working long hours to help our farmers finish their planting. We have a great group of interns and we can’t wait to watch them grow in their knowledge of agriculture. Katie Nelson - Human Resources Intern
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Your Fields: On the Grid

Accurate soil tests are a fundamental building block for corn and soybean production. Without the proper fertility levels in all areas of a field, yield potential can decline quickly and in large areas. While soil testing itself is not a new idea, applying it properly to your farm in multiple areas of each field takes a technological approach over multiple crop seasons. Alee Larson - Precision Ag Specialist
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Secure Pork Supply Plan

The SPS plan is a voluntary initiative to provide commercial pork producers with a workable continuity of business plan in the event of a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak SecurePork.Org
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Grain Storage Rate Changes

As we continue to work through this tight margin environment, capitalizing on all your assets and opportunities is going to be very important.  One of these opportunities this year and going forward is going to be storage.  Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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Minnesota B20 Mandate Began April 1

By law or mandate, all petroleum diesel fuel marketed in Minnesota for on and off-road use is required to have 20% of each gallon sold be soy methyl ester or “soy.”  The mandate is in effect is April 1st through September 30th. The mandate reduces back to B5 or 5% soy in diesel fuel on October 1st to allow better operability in colder temps. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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