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Cenex Warranty

We had the pleasure of presenting our customers, Perry Hulke and Monty Hulke, with a check for over $16,000 Cenex Warranty claim on their John Deere 8360 RT for transmission repair.
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Propane Shortage

Currently, there is a common misconception that the United States is in a propane shortage. The reality is the propane supply in our country is at near-record inventory levels.
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Energy News - October 2019

As we face what is looking like a year we may see record drying, I believe our investment into the propane railcar offloader and additional storage in Janesville will prove to be a big benefit for our customers. Chad Larson - Propane Manager
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Propane Planning For Fall

2019 won’t be a year we will ever forget.  As most of you have wrapped planting, and are into spraying, we now turn our focus to how much propane will we need this fall. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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Minnesota B20 Mandate Began April 1

By law or mandate, all petroleum diesel fuel marketed in Minnesota for on and off-road use is required to have 20% of each gallon sold be soy methyl ester or “soy.”  The mandate is in effect is April 1st through September 30th. The mandate reduces back to B5 or 5% soy in diesel fuel on October 1st to allow better operability in colder temps. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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Energy Spring Plans

As we all look forward to the spring weather after this winter, it's time to discuss spring related topics relevant to fuels, propane, and lubricants. Chad Larsen - Energy Sales Manager
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